About Us

LETS Winnipeg is a local trading network to enable members to exchange goods and services without the need for Canadian currency. It is a form of barter that is group oriented and uses computer software to track exchanges, so that trades need not be one to one, that is I trade something with you and you with me. Rather I may offer a good or service to you and you need not reciprocate directly, but may offer something to another  person and the exchanges are tracked.

LETS systems and other local currency models recognize that we all have assets and gifts to share with one another and that this need not always require an external government currency.

LETS is currently being organized by a small group of volunteers, and we are always open to others wishing to become involved in the administration

To find out more about how to become involved in the organizing, contact   LETS-Winnipeg@shaw.ca

One thought on “About Us

  1. Surprisingly, I’ve only learned about this barter sys today, alltho’ I’ve been bartering for 10 yrs.
    I’m a Home Support Worker who doesn’t give paharmaceuticals; I have childcare, elder care & housekeeping, yard & farm work experience. I am also an amateur writer, editor, singer & guitarist.
    If anyone needs me for duties described above, pls let me know: 204-786-5000, x 3731.
    I’ll even work for $ on occasion.

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